Dear all!

It has been more than one year since we all met last time in Lisbon under the umbrella of COST PARENCHIMA. As newly elected governing committee of it took us some time to get organised, but now we are happy to introduce ourselves:

Past Chair:

image-left Anna Caroli, Bergamo, Italy. Mathematician, with 15-year experience in kidney imaging biomarker discovery and clinical validation. Former WG3 lead and scientific representative of PARENCHIMA. I am happy to serve now as past-chair, providing some continuity and supporting the chair and vice chair in the adventure.


image-left Alexandra Ljimani, Düsseldorf, Germany, radiologist and medical physics with great research interest in all techniques of functional renal imaging. As chair of this new organisation, and with your support, I look forward to leading this initiative into the new post-PARENCHIMA era and continuing to guide renal research towards clinical application.

Vice Chair:

image-left Pim Pullens, Gent, Belgium. MR Physicist and biomedical engineer. Former co-lead of PARENCHIMA WG1. I have great interest in functional renal MRI and quantitative imaging biomarkers in general. It is my hope and ambition that through, and by facilitating multidisciplinary interactions, we build the future of renal MRI biomarkers together.

Dissemination and Science Communication Manager:

image-left Marcos Wolf, Vienna, Austria. Resident in radiology, PhD student working on ADPKD, assessing the renal function using MRI. Former Working Group 5 lead and dissemination officer of PARENCHIMA. Now, it is my honour to be working on the transition of has the goal to create and maintain interactions between all disciplines involved in renal imaging. We are actively involved in the ISMRM renal MRI study group and the ESUR renal working group, but we are always open to other organisations and initiatives that support renal imaging. Feel free to contact us if you are involved in other activities or organisations and want to share it with the community.

Our metamorphosis to is still ongoing and we will be back soon with more details. However, to keep you excited, here are some things you can look forward to:

  • Save the date: We are heavily planning our next 5th International meeting on renal imaging in September 2023, details will follow shortly
  • Our homepage,, is no longer under the COST umbrella. Therefore, it is currently being updated and changed. We will move the homepage to a github solution and we are looking forward to sharing with you the result soon.
  • Action needed: As the process of transformation from COST PARENCHIMA to is a work and time demanding task, which is still ongoing, we would like to postpone the next government cycle by one year. Please indicate your approval for this unique situation with a simple „yes“ or „no“ under following link:

Best wishes and we will be back soon with more details!

Alexandra, Pim, Anna and Marcos


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