Dear community,

we are excited to share with you the following updates:

Ghent 2023 - date and location of the next bi-annual meeting!

As you know the RENALMRI community has been organising successful biannual international meetings on renal imaging, starting with Bordeaux in 2015, then Berlin in 2017, Nottingham in 2019 and jointly in Lisbon/Philadelphia in 2021. You will find links to the previous meetings our events page.

We are absolutely delighted to announce the date and location of the 5th International Meeting on Renal Imaging, In Ghent, Belgium, on September 11 and 12, 2023. Please mark the date in your calendars!

You can find some more detail on the organising committee, venue and the beautiful historical city of Ghent on the webpage.

Particular emphasis for this meeting will be on non-MRI imaging modalities with a focus on Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine. We are currently forming a program committee with experts in all relevant disciplines. Please watch this space and future newsletters from for updates.

Looking forwarding seeing you all in Ghent in September 2023!

Launch of new website

We are absolutely delighted to launch the new and improved webpage for They are fully hosted on github to allow full community access to the content. The website is part of a new organization on github called renalmri-org, which may future also host repositories with important content such as harmonized protocols etc.

Anyone can propose an update, edit or add new content to the website via a pull-request. For those of you working on software development this will be bread and butter. We are developing some material with guidance on how to edit the webpage for those less familiar with these tools. is endebted to Serhii Parkhomenko (Dnipro, Ukraine) for setting up the new webpage on github - in as you can imagine under very difficult circumstances.

New roles - looking for web editors!

The new website is currently populated with some of the archival material from the precursor project PARENCHIMA, and includes a list of participants, community pages, resources and events page.

As you can imagine, in this rapidly changing field such content outdates very quickly, and indeed much of it is already in urgent need of an update to incorporate new developments that happened in the past transition period.

In order to guarantee that the content presented on remains up to date, we are looking for web editors that are willing to take responsability for a specific section of the webpage, and can commit the time needed to keep the content up to date.

If you are interested in joining the editorial committee of - please contact the chair Alexandra Ljimani. The committee will be meeting every three months to discuss recent changes and identify content for the upcoming quarterly newsletter.

People from any career stage are welcome but we would particularly encourage eaarly career researchers, PhD students and post-docs to come forward. This will be a great and engaging way to get familiar with what is happening in the field - so don’t be shy and get in touch!

The open positions are listed on the home page