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The UK Renal Imaging Network (UKRIN) is founded and supported by the charity Kidney Research UK, aiming to coordinate UK-wide activities in the field of renal MRI.

UKRIN has been awarded a national partnership grant (UKRIN-MAPS, MRI Acquisition and Processing Standardisation) by the Medical Research Council to develop harmonized cross-vendor acquisition and analysis tools for renal MRI. The project is ongoing and due to end mid 2020. UKRIN-MAPS is led by Prof. Susan Francis from Nottingham University.

Additionally, the NIHR has awarded a large national multi-centre study on renal MRI in CKD: AFiRM - Application of Functional Renal MRI to improve assessment of chronic kidney disease. AFiRM will build on the infrastructure developed in UKRIN-MAPS to image 500 CKD patients longitudinally with repeat imaging 2 years after baseline, and long-term follow-up. AFiRM is led by Prof. Nicolas Selby in Nottingham and is due to open for recruitment in 2021.

Other activities of UKRIN include the organisation of the 3d international meeting on renal MRI together with PARENCHIMA, as well as regular national meetings within the UK to develop further collaborative projects.

Lead: Prof. Susan Francis
Vice Lead: Dr. Nicholas Selby