DISCLAIMER: This is an archive page describing a task force from the precursor project PARENCHIMA. The content is not up to date


The Study Group on Renal MR of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM ). was founded in september 2021 after approval by the ISMRM Board of Trustees. The first Governing Commitee consists of Thoralf Niendorf (Past Chair), Eric Sigmund (Chair), Ilona Dekkers (Vice Chair), Manuel Taso (secretary), Alexandra Ljimani (Traimee representative) and Anne-Dorte Blankholm (SMRT representative).

The new study group will have as mission To support the development, application, and broad translation of preclinical and clinical magnetic resonance imaging of the kidney. An important aspect of the study group is the joint consideration of technological and clinical challenges of renal imaging and functional assessment in particular, in distinction from approaches that are intended for use in the entire abdomen.

The proposed study group will carry out this mission along a variety of channels: support to ongoing development of methods of renal MRI at both the preclinical and clinical level; support clinical deployment of new and existing renal MRI tools to parenchymal and focal disease of the kidney; promote exchange and collaboration between clinicians and basic scientists with an interest in renal MRI.

Lead: Eric Sigmund
Vice Lead: Dr. Ilona Dekkers