Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to introduce to you candidates for the new governance team of

Please viote here for the candidates until 22 April 2022: (

Chair: Alexandra Ljimani

Coordination of our scientic efforts is still important in order to continue to build on the progress made by PARENCHIMA. My active involvement in consensus development on published technical recommendations allows me to build on the experience of recent years inPARENCHIMA and push further towards the clinical translation of renal MRI.

Vice Chair: Pim Pullens

I am MR physicist in the Ghent University Hospital, and operational director of the Ghent Institute for functional and Metabolic Imaging. I was involved in PARENCHIMA as a co-lead of WP1 standardization of renal MRI biomarkers. I was also leading the application to extend PARENCHIMA, which did not pass, but gave me valuable insights into what is needed to leverage renal mpMRI towards clinical adoption. As MR physicist in a university hospital considerable experience in working with clinicians and radiologists, translating clinical needs into MR protocols that are of good diagnostic quality and are as comfortable as possible to the patient. My main interest is to bring quantitative imaging techniques to the clinic, and I think the best way forward is to work in multidisciplinary teams, forming an equal triangle between the clinician - radiologist - MR physicist/MR tech. It is my ambition to further accelerate clinical implementation and acceptance of renal mpMRI. I’d like to achieve this, for example, by organizing a “hackathon” where clinicians, radiologists, and engineers/physicists work together and deliver real-world pipelines for renal mp-MRI, which can be made available to the community. I hope will continue to grow, and that one day renal mpMRI will become a standard tool in the treatment and diagnosis of patients suffering from renal disease.

Past Chair: Anna Caroli

During PARENCHIMA I have been WG3 lead, scientific representative of the grant holder institution for the last 2 years, and I have been actively involved in WG1 and WG5. I will be happy to provide some continuity, and support the new chair and vice chair in this new adventure

Looking forward to the final steps of transition into the new governance structure, and With best regards, Steven Sourbron


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