Advanced Clinical MRI of the Kidney

We recently had a book release on Kidney MRI.


It is available on Springer website: LINK


The purpose of this book is to openly share the protocols and post-processing methods of quantitative MRI methods for renal clinical applica­tions. The book provides answers to common questions regarding how renal MRI technologies emerging from research can be translated to routine clini­cal practice. With this “from the community, to the community” approach, the book is designed to enhance training in renal MRI sciences, to improve the reproducibility of renal imaging research, and to boost the comparability of renal MRI studies. The book is divided into three major parts. Chapters in the first part dis­cuss general considerations and practical steps for kidney MRI. The second part is focused on the metrics themselves. This part covers the physics and applications of intrinsic MRI parameters (T1, T2, T2*), diffusion, perfusion, magnetization transfer, metabolic imaging, susceptibility mapping, elasticity, and gadolinium-based measurement methods. The third part is dedicated to emerging methods that are currently considered advanced. With this book, we hope to encourage more collaboration between nephrologists, urologists, biomedical engineers, and radiologists to accelerate the development and application of modern MRI tools in clinical practice.

Open access book on Preclinical MRI of the Kidney

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A comprehensive collection of 43 publications that will serve as a foundational resource for preclinical renal MRI studies. This includes chapters describing the fundamental principles underlying a variety of renal MRI methods, step-by-step protocols for executing renal MRI studies, and detailed guides for data analysis. This collection will serve as a crucial part of a roadmap toward conducting renal MRI studies in a robust and reproducible way, that will promote the standardization and sharing of data.