Dear renalMRI - PARENCHIMA Team!

we are pleased to inform you about the following news:

Upcoming 3rd International Conference on Renal Imaging in Nottingham

We warmly invite you to join us at the upcoming 3rd International Conference on Renal Imaging at the East Midlands Conference Centre, University of Nottingham, UK. We will bring together scientists and clinicians from several disciplines to shape the future of renal functional imaging. We are looking forward to meet you; save the date: 15th-17th of October 2019!

Expect more updates here.

Upcoming MAGMA Special Issue: “MRI Biomarkers of Renal Disease”

As recently depicted in the News section of the homepage, we call upon you to submit your scientific manuscripts as soon as possible, but not later than July 1, 2019. Please indicate your contribution to this special issue in the cover letter: “For inclusion in the Special Issue on Renal MRI”.

This special issue is an initiative of Taskforce 1.2 Technical Recommendations on Clinical Renal MRI, and will also serve as a vehicle for the dissemination of the envisioned technical consensus papers under development. More details on the Task force webpage.

Previous Plenary Prague Meeting

After the fruitful meeting in Prague, we would like to ask all presenters to share their presentations, because we are planning to put them on our homepage.

If you can, please send your presentations as an attachment to the WG5 lead with the following text in the subject line: Prague Meeting Presentation Title.

Social Media Updates

We would like to introduce Aghogho Odudu who will manage our LinkedIn presence, and Mitko Kostov, the vice lead of WG5, who is going to manage our Twitter account and ResearchGate presence. Join us to receive updates on your social media accounts.

Furthermore, we would like to emphasize the following WG5 open positions: Google Analytics management and homepage news management.

If you want to join our efforts, or if you have specific requests regarding our dissemination strategy, please contact Marcos Wolf.

Privacy Notice Updates

Last but not least, you will find an updated version of the renalMRI (PARENCHIMA) privacy notice attached. Please keep in mind, if you did not sign the privacy notice during the Prague Meeting, that you need to sign it, and send a copy of it back to (e.g. scan/picture of the privacy notice). Otherwise we cannot mention you on the homepage and remove your personal data from our database.

If you have already signed the privacy notice (e.g. during the Prague meeting), we will assume that you agree with the current updated version, unless you withdraw it via email.


This newsletter is based upon work from COST Action PARENCHIMA (CA16103), supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. Our Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career and innovation.

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