WG5: 3rd International Renal Imaging Meeting (open)

Nottingham, UK - Oct 15-17, 2019
3-day international meeting on renal MRI with a scientific program (talks + posters) and parallel PARENCHIMA working group meetings

Editorial meeting – Book on preclinical methods and protocols for renal MRI (open)

Hotel Croatia, Frankopanska 10, 20210 Cavtat-Dubrovnik Croatia - Apr 04-05, 2019
Working Group 1, Task Force 1.1

WG1 - Technical Recommendations on Clinical Renal MRI (open)

Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark - Mar 18-19, 2019
Meeting of expert panels in task force 1.2 aiming to align approaches between the panels and outline a plan for finalising the papers and online material before the submission deadline of 1 july 2019.

WG5: Dissemination Workshop 2019 (closed)

Budapest - Jan 07-31, 2019
Join our first dissemination workshop from Jan 31 - Feb 01.

WG5: Annual Plenary Meeting 2018 (closed)

Prague - Oct 04-05, 2018
Joint project meeting of all working groups, focused on deliverables and objectives of PARENCHIMA

WG2: Webinar: Using the Quibim Database Platform (closed)

Webinar - Jul 24, 2018
Training in plugin-development and data management in the QUIBIM platform

WG3: Clinical studies strategy meeting (closed)

Utrecht Medical Centre, Auditorium - Apr 23, 2018
Working group meeting aiming to develop a coordinated funding strategy for multi-centre trials

WG5: 2nd International Renal Imaging Meeting (closed)

MDC.C - Max Delbrück Communications Center, Berlin, Germany - Oct 11-13, 2017
3-day international meeting on renal MRI with a scientific program (talks + posters) and parallel PARENCHIMA working group meetings

WG2: Kick-Off Meeting (closed)

Prague, Czech Republic - Sep 09, 2017
First meeting of working group 2, aiming to introduce participants and set out plans for the first grant period.

WG3: Kick-Off Meeting (closed)

Bergamo, Italy - Jul 13-14, 2017
Initial Meeting of the Working Group 3 to coordinate further actions.

WG1&4: Kick-off meeting (closed)

Budapest - Jul 10-11, 2017
Meeting to introduce WG1&4 members and plan objectives for the first grant period

WG5: First Management Committee Meeting (closed)

Brussels, Belgium - Apr 04, 2017
The official start of this COST Action: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomarkers for Chronic Kidney Disease.

WG5: 1st International Renal Imaging Meeting (closed)

Bordeaux, France - Oct 26-28, 2015
Fist international meeting on functional renal MRI around the theme "Functional MRI For Renal Parenchymal Disease: Ready For Clinical Practice?"

Training Work shops

WG2: Algorithms Integration Training Workshop (closed)

Valencia, Spain - Mar 12-13, 2019
Algorithms Integration Training Workshop will consist of a block of theoretical lessons followed by a guided hands-on. We will provide a sample algorithm to be integrated in the Quibim Precision® platform. If anyone is interested in integrating their own developed algorithms, feel free to bring it with.

Short Term Scientific Mission

WG1: MRI (DWI,DTI) biomarkers for DM type II (closed)

University of Leeds, United Kingdom - Apr 23-28, 2018
Networking activity between Serbia and UK on route to enable MRI (DWI,DTI) biomarkers for DM type II.

WG1: Xenon129 MRI (closed)

University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom - Apr 02-27, 2018
Assessment of Kidney Physiology using Dissolved Hyperpolarized 129-Xenon Magnetic Resonance Imaging

WG1: Renal MRE (closed)

King's College London, United Kingdom - Mar 19-24, 2018
Renal MRE - a novel application to measure renal stiffness (~fibrosis).