Power Pitches

Each talk is 3 minutes (maximum 4 slides)

Power Pitch 1

Monday 11 Sept 13:30-14:00

PP01 13:30 Reference values of kidney parameters in functional MRI in healthy volunteers Andrejus Bura
PP02 13:33 Size matters: Automated quantification of acute kidney size changes through dynamic parametric MRI with Deep Dilated U-Net segmentation Tobias Klein
PP03 13:36 Pre-operative partial nephrectomy planning: from four-phase CT-scan to 3D renal perfusion model Saar Vermijs
PP04 13:39 A Multistage Rigid-Affine-Deformable Network for Three-Dimensional Multimodal Medical Image Registration Anika Strittmatter
PP05 13:42 Deep Learning based automated Prognosis of Renal Function Decline in ADPKD Anish Raj
PP06 13:45 Magnetic resonance imaging assessment of functional differences between kidneys in vivo and during ex vivo normothermic machine perfusion Tim Hamelink
PP07 13:48 Diagnostic and prognostic utility of multiparametric MRI in the longitudinal assessment of kidney allografts María A. Fernández-Seara
PP08 13:51 Update on the AFiRM (Application of FunctIonal Renal MRI to improve assessment of chronic kidney disease) Study Susan Francis
PP09 13:54 Automated quantification of renal sinus fat by use of a 3D U-Net and convex hull analysis Charles E. Hill
PP10 13:57 The effect of SGLT2-inhibition on the kidney perfusion and diffusion in patients with T2D B. Ariëns
PP11 14:00 Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging (mpMRI) for the renal study of patients with mild to moderate Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD-3): Preliminary results. José María Mora-Gutiérrez

Power Pitch 2

Monday 11 Sept 17:00-17:40

PP12 17:00 Cardiorenal interaction assessed by multimodal real-time magnetic resonance imaging during lower body negative pressure Darius A. Gerlach
PP13 17:03 Effects of Tissue Perfusion on Renal Stiffness and Fluidity measured with Tomoelastography in an MRI-compatible ex-vivo model Johannes Castelein
PP14 17:06 Toward Assessment of Renal Tubule Volume Fraction in Rat Kidney Using Decomposition of Parametric T2 Mapping Ehsan Tasbihi
PP15 17:09 A Generalizable Coronal-Plane Kidney Segmentation Approach for ADPKD Anish Raj
PP16 17:12 Exploitation of Redundant Information in CT Urography for Improved Scan Efficiency and Radiation Dose Reduction Andrew L. Wentland, MD, PhD
PP17 17:15 Effects of Empagliflozin on Kidney and Cardiac MRI Measures in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Susan Francis
PP18 17:18 Development of an MR Imaging Protocol for Ex-Vivo Assessment of Deceased Donor Human Kidneys Alexander J Daniel
PP19 17:21 MRI detects renal tubulointerstitial changes in mouse models of radiation-induced nephropathy Julia Stabinska
PP20 17:24 Biophysical model to correct for blood volume confounders of T2* based renal MR oximetry Thomas Gladytz
PP21 17:27 Renal blood flow quantification for the evaluation of stress induced kidney imaging using Rubidium-82 PET/CT Ilona Dekkers
PP22 17:30 Comparison of microstructural analysis algorithms using simulated diffusion MRI data of the renal tubule system Jonas Jasse

Power Pitch 3

Tuesday 12 Sept 11:00-11:30

PP23 11:00 Diffusion weighted MRI for kidney cyst volume quantification and non-cystic tissue characterization in ADPKD Giulia Villa
PP24 11:03 Parametric T1 MR Microscopy Detects Gadolinium Residuals in Ex Vivo Rat Kidneys Ehsan Tasbihi
PP25 11:06 A New Method To Analyze Renal Perfusion: A Proof Of Concept Luis Sanmiguel
PP26 11:09 Multi-center and multi-vendor reproducibility of T1, T2 and ADC phantom data on 1.5T and 3T MRI scanners Siria Pasini
PP27 11:12 Cancelled Clearing the Waters: Debunking The Myth of Post-Contrast Acute Kidney Injury in Patients with Advanced Kidney Disease? Raman Akif
PP28 11:15 First report of 23Na-MRI in kidney cancer to detect differential sodium-accumulation in benign vs. malignant tumours Alice Bebb
PP29 11:18 Automated Segmentation of Large Cohort Renal MRI Studies Alexander J Daniel
PP30 11:21 Automated Analysis of Kidney MRI data in the UK Biobank Eleanor Cox
PP31 11:24 Enhancing Reproducibility of Kidney Volume Measurements in ADPKD Through Averaging Measurements from Multiple MRI Sequences Hreedi Dev

Power Pitch 4

Tuesday 12 Sept 13:30-14:00

PP32 13:30 Repeatability of region-of-interest sampling strategies for quantification of renal proton density function in healthy humans Yuliya Kupriyanova
PP33 13:33 DCE-MRI measured GFR compared to iohexol measured GFR in a cohort of normal and low birth weight individuals Tor H. Qvale
PP34 13:36 Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations in Stenotic Renal Arteries: A novel non-invasive method to guide intervention? michela bozzetto
PP35 13:39 Radial profiling of advanced DWI parameters in the kidneys Eric E Sigmund
PP36 13:42 Renal cortex T1 mapping: scan-rescan repeatability and scanner reproducibility Markus Henningsson
PP37 13:45 Automated Quality Control for Multi-Vendor, Multi-Centre Renal Imaging Studies Alexander J Daniel
PP38 13:48 Motion-corrected post-contrast T1w-imaging of kidneys using FID navigators Cemre Ariyurek
PP39 13:51 Assessment of renal changes after bone marrow transplantation by functional mpMRI: preliminary results Yusuf Cabuk
PP40 13:54 Cancelled A Multi-Modality Renal Blood Flow Phantom for Validation of CT, PET/CT, and MRI in Quantifying Regional Blood Flow Deficits De Wit B.W.