Community joins up organizations across the world that deliver resources on renal MRI for the benefit of the wider community, such as organization of meetings, open access software, data sharing, joint funding applications, patient and public information, standards and consensus statements, etc. 

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The organizations listed on this page are currently active. They include ad-hoc task forces that exist temporarily until they deliver on specific aims, but also collaborative national and international projects and dedicated working groups embedded in within larger societies. They commit to being responsive to queries from the community through the contacts provided and to ensure that the content of their pages remains up to date.  

If you want to join any of these organizations, please get in touch with the contacts listed. If you have any questions or suggestions for this page, please contact the Chair of the COST Action PARENCHIMA.

Technical recommendations on clinical renal MRI

This task force develops consensus-based recommendations on the acquisition and analysis of clinical renal MRI. The task force has so far delivered a paper describing a consensus formation process and five papers with consensus statements on T1&T2 mapping, BOLD, ASL, DWI and Phase contrast (see our list of renal MRI resources). Currently the task force is setting up a process for maintaining and updating the recommendations in the future, and creating a repository of data and protocols compliant with the current consensus. The task force is run by working group 1 of the COST Action PARENCHIMA

Bi-annual meetings on renal imaging

This task force is responsible for organising a bi-annual international meeting on renal imaging. The meeting was organised for the first time in Bordeaux (2015) and subsequently in Berlin (2017) and Nottingham (2019). In 2021 the meeting will be run in Philadelphia with a remote hub in Lisbon. The task force is currenty run by working group 5 of the COST Action PARENCHIMA.

ESUR working group on renal MRI

This task force is setting up a clinical working group on renal MRI within the European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR, The proposal has been approved by ESUR leadership and setup is currently in progress. This task force is run by working group 3 of the COST Action PARENCHIMA. It will be dissolved and replaced by the ESUR working group once this is formally set up.

ISMRM Study Group on Renal MR

The Study Group on Renal MR of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM, was founded in september 2021 after approval by the ISMRM Board of Trustees. The Study Group's mission is to To support the development, application, and broad translation of preclinical and clinical magnetic resonance imaging of the kidney. 

UK Renal Imaging Network (UKRIN)

The UK Renal Imaging Network (UKRIN) is founded and supported by the charity Kidney Research UK and aims to coordinate UK-wide activities in the field of renal MRI. 


This task force provides a central contact point for researchers with an interest in MRI for applications in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD). The task force aims to improve the sharing of resources but will also aim to set up collaborative projects and prospective clinical studies in ADPKD involving MRI of the kidney. This task force is run by working group 3 of the COST Action PARENCHIMA.

MRI in renal transplantation

This task force joins up researchers working on MRI of kidney transplants either in method development or in clinical applications. The task force will foster collaboration in this area, promote the sharing of data and support applications for funding in preclinical and clinical research. This task force is run by working group 3 of the COST Action PARENCHIMA.

Dissemination activities

This task force disseminates the activities of via multiple channels including social media but also special sessions on conferences and maintenance of this web page. This task force is run by working group 5 of the COST Action PARENCHIMA.