Working Groups

This COST Action PARENCHIMA is an open and growing network of researchers. If you want to join PARENCHIMA, please contact the associated working group or task force leader.

Working Group 1

Standardized renal magnetic resonance protocols, are essential to the translation of the increasing numbers of advanced MRI biomarkers for detect alterations associated with kidney disease. This working group is dedicated to construct the general consensus documentation for the renal MRI community.

Working Group 2

Working Group 2 will deliver an R&D Toolbox consisting of a coherent set of databases and software.

Working Group 3

Working group 3 will join up clinical sites across Europe and will pave the way for clinical use of renal MRI by addressing the need for stronger evidence in patients. 

Working Group 4

Working Group 4 is developing training programs on renal MRI for basic scientists and clinical users.

Working Group 5

We focus on the dissemination and exploitation of the project's results, and are looking forward to merges synergies with international stakeholders in order to promote renal magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers for chronic kidney disease.