Working group 5

Working Group 5 provides the platform for international stakeholders to merge synergies in the promotion of renal magnetic resonance imaging biomarkers for chronic kidney disease.

Main objectives

  • Organizing annually recurrent plenary and international meetings for the upcoming years
  • Optimizing and maintaining the homepage
  • Collecting data and distributing them throughout our network
  • Relevant publications
  • News 
  • Events
  • Providing updates to social media
  • Connecting different scientific disciplines and leading industries together
  • Providing information for patients (pending)

Our COST Action is an open and growing network of researchers and clinicians from several disciplines bringing together nephrology, radiology, pathology, physiology and physics to enable clinical applications of functional renal magnetic resonance imaging. If you want to join our efforts, please contact the associated working group leader and read our renalMRI Invitation Letter.

In order to achieve the envisioned objectives, including an efficient communication within PARENCHIMA and external stakeholders, we ask the consent of all PARENCHIMA members to use, process, store and/or publish previously and future collected personal data on our homepage and on other dissemination activities. More information can be depicted from our privacy notice. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on privacy@renalmri.org

We ask all COST Action participants to view and apply the COST acknowledgement guidelines prior any COST Action related publication. There you will find a short introduction on "how to acknowledge COST fundings". And more detailed information can be depicted from the "COST brand book". See also the "COST logo" and "EU emblem". If you have any question do not hesitate to contact the working group lead or vice-lead.

You can find our logos here (password protected) project identity templates below: