Working group 3

WG3 overall objectives

Working group 3 joins up clinical sites working on renal MRI, and will pave the way for clinical use of renal MRI by addressing the need for stronger evidence in patients. 

The standardised methods developed in WG1 and WG2 will be used in large prospective multicentre clinical studies aimed at providing additional evidence of biological and clinical validity (against histopathology and reference methods) and clinical utility (prognostic value) of MRI biomarkers in renal disease.

WG3 short-term aims

  • Prepare the ground for a large scale longitudinal multicentre study aimed at providing additional evidence of biological and clinical validity of MRI biomarkers in CKD (look for fundings, draw up minimum standards for sites to participate in multicentre trials)

  • Explore grant funding to further validate MRI biomarkers in ADPKD

  • Explore grant funding to validate MRI biomarkers in renal transplantation

  • Coordinate smaller scale studies on specific relevant disease areas

  • Add MRI to ongoing renal initiative

WG3 achievements

  • Publication of an open access special issue on MRI biomarkers in renal disease in the journal Nephrol Dial Transplant, including an editorial, a position paper and 4 review papers (ASL, BOLD, DWI, T1&T2 mapping) providing a picture of the state of the art and practical recommendations. The special issue is free to view and download.

  • Creation of an ADPKD task force ( task force page), joining together all WG3 participants actively working in ADPKD MRI

  • Creation of a renal transplantation task force ( task force page), joining together all WG3 participants actively working in MRI in renal transplantation

  • Creation of a study document repository, containing study documents from past/ongoing clinical studies involving renal MRI, which could be helpful for designing new study protocols

WG3 meetings

October 16th 2019, Nottingham, UK - WG3 session

October 4-5th 2018, Prague, Czech republic - WG3 yearly meeting (meeting page)

April 23rd 2018, Utrecht, The Netherlands - WG3 strategy meeting (meeting page)

October 13th 2017, Berlin, Germany - WG3 yearly meeting (meeting page)

July 13-14th 2017, Bergamo, Italy - WG3 kick-off meeting (meeting page)

WG3 contact information

If you need additional information, or in case you are interested in joining this effort, please contact the WG3 leads:

Anna Caroli (contact)

Nicholas Selby (contact)


Working group 3 Lead: Dr Anna Caroli

Working group 3 Vice-Lead: Dr. Nicholas Selby

Prof. Mohamed Abou El-Ghar

Dr Pavle Adamovski

Dr. Lena Berchtold

Prof. Peter Blankestijn

Dr. Olivier Bonny

Dr. Peter Boor Ronald Borra

Dr. Michela Bozzetto

Dr. Paolo Brambilla

Dr. Charlotte Buchanan

Prof. Michel Burnier

Dr. Chris Clark

Prof. Christian Combe

Dr. Eleanor Cox

Prof. Anna Rita D'Angelo

Dr. Thomas De Perrot

Dr. Katja Derlin

Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Eckardt

Ms Eli Eikefjord

Prof. Roger Evans

Dr. Maria Fernandez Seara

Prof. Susan Francis

Dr. Iris Friedli

Dr. Nuria Garcia-Fernandez

Dr. Enrica Gintoli

Prof. Xavier Golay

Prof Antonio Goncalves Pinheiro

Prof. Isky Gordon

Dr. Eliana Gotti

Dr. Johannes Gregori

Prof. Nicolas Grenier

Dr. Latha Gullapudi

Dr. Anita Harteveld

Prof. Paul Hockings

Kristina Holm Eliasson

Dr. Lisa Jarl

Dr. Jens Dam Jensen

Dr. Neil Peter Jerome

Associate Professor Jaap Joles

Prof. George Kagadis

Prof. Philip Kalra

Prof. Dimitrios Karnabatidis

Dr. Isma Kazmi

Prof. Bernhard Krämer

Prof. Silvia Lai

Dr. Rotem Lanzman

Prof Christoffer Laustsen

Prof. Tim Leiner

Dr. Lilach Lerman

Dr. Per Liss

Dr Alexandra Ljimani

Dr. Huda Mahmoud

Dr. Marco Mangiulli

Dr. Patrick Mark

Dr. Hans-Peter Marti

Dr. Stephan Rodrigo Marticorena Garcia

Dr. Paloma Martin

Dr. Daniela Mastroluca

Prof. Sandro Mazzaferro

Dr. Iosif Mendichovszky

Dr. Hans-Joachim Mentzel

Dr. Milena Mitrovic

Dr. Cyril Moers

Prof. Ewald Moser

Dr. Tijana Mrdjanin

Dr. Fabio Nery

Dr. Tri Nguyen

Dr. Carlos Nicolau

Prof. Dr. Olivera Nikolic

Dr. Mike Notohamiprodjo

Dr. Aghogho Odudu

Dr. Aaron Oliver-Taylor

Prof. Albert Ong

Dr Alberto Ortiz

Dr. Stefano Palmucci

Dr. Valeria Panebianco

Dr. Dusan Paripovic

Dr. Douglas Pendsè

Dr. Norberto Perico

Dr. Valentina Portalupi

Prof. Pottumarthi Vera Prasad

Dr. Menno Pruijm

Prof Giuseppe Remuzzi

Prof. Andrea Remuzzi

Prof. Sinisa Ristic

Dr. Christian Rosenberger

Dr. Piero Ruggenenti

Dr. Valerie Said-Conti

Dr. Moritz Schneider

Dr. Kanishka Sharma

Dr Roslyn Simms

Dr. Janka Slatinska

Dr. Steven Sourbron

Dr. Paul Summers

Prof. Maarten Taal

Dr. Benjamin Taton

Prof. Harriet Thoeny

Dr Stavros Tsantis

Prof. Jean-Paul Vallée

Dr. Giulia Villa

Prof. Dr. Hans-Joerg Wittsack

Dr Marcos Wolf

Dr. Anneloes de Boer

Dr. Sophie de Seigneux

Dr. Arjen van Zuilen

Dr. Patricia van der Niepen