Working group 2

Barriers in the development of renal MRI biomarkers with respect to chronic kidney disease are the limited availability of software tools to analyse and extract the renal data, as well as the lack of access to data from previous studies, which could produce benchmarks for future developments.

Working Group 2 will remove these barriers by delivering an R&D Toolbox consisting of a coherent set of databases and software. It will support the wider adoption of the proposed standards (by working group 1) and reduce future research costs by sharing of resources and preserving of data. The R&D Toolbox will be available to researchers world-wide through a well-supported open-source framework, and a governance structure to ensure self-sufficiency. The software will include a library of core algorithms for the analysis of functional renal MRI, and a graphical user interface for data post-processing and visualisation. The databases will contain an anonymised patient registry with critical phenotyping data, histopathology reports, proteomics, and imaging; and an image bank for benchmarking and quality control with phantom-, volunteer- and patient data.

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