UK Renal Imaging Network

The UK Renal Imaging Network (UKRIN) is founded and supported by the charity Kidney Research UK, aiming to coordinate UK-wide activities in the field of renal MRI:

UKRIN has been awarded a national partnership grant (UKRIN-MAPS, MRI Acquisition and Processing Standardisation) by the Medical Research Council to develop harmonized cross-vendor acquisition and analysis tools for renal MRI. The project is ongoing and due to end mid 2020. UKRIN-MAPS is led by Prof. Susan Francis from Nottingham University:

Additionally, the NIHR has awarded a large national multi-centre study on renal MRI in CKD: AFiRM - Application of Functional Renal MRI to improve assessment of chronic kidney disease. AFiRM will build on the infrastructure developed in UKRIN-MAPS to image 500 CKD patients longitudinally with repeat imaging 2 years after baseline, and long-term follow-up. AFiRM is led by Prof. Nicolas Selby in Nottingham and is due to open for recruitment in 2021:

Other activities of UKRIN include the organisation of the 3 international meeting on renal MRI together with PARENCHIMA:

As well as regular national meetings within the UK to develop further collaborative projects


Lead: Prof. Susan Francis

Vice Lead: Dr. Nicholas Selby