[CLOSED] Software inventory

A Review on Kidney MRI Analysis: Methods, Algorithms, Software
Working Group 2 Report by Marek Kociński and Andrzej Materka, Prague 4-5 Oct 2018

This report contains results of the literature search made in July 2017 and updated in September 2018
on methods, algorithms and software used by various research groups for quantitative analysis of
magnetic resonance images of the kidney. The computer-assisted search was performed in the Web
of Science, Scopus, Springer, Wiley, Google Scholar and other Internet database sources, with the use
of a variety of keywords related to the topic of quantitative analysis of kidney MR images. With few
exceptions, recent papers were considered only, covering works published in the last decade.
Two categories of the information sources were distinguished – research papers concerning methods,
algorithms and software, and technical/commercial notes on computer programs/environments. The
materials collected are listed and characterized in Section 1 (Research and Review Publications) and
Section 2 (Links to Free Software Sites), respectively.

Download the whole document in PDF.

A list of available kidneys MRI analysis software.

This list  is not exhaustive, if there are to supplement or update a contact leads Task Force.  

Download the list here.