2.1 Database (open)

In this Task Force, we will implement a database to contain an anonymised patient registry with critical phenotyping data, histopathology reports, proteomics, and imaging; and an image bank for benchmarking and quality control with phantom-, volunteer- and patient data.

So far, the working group agreed on using the Quibim Precision® imaging biomarker platform. Beside the data hosting this platform also allows integrated data analysis which makes it highly interesting for integrating algorithms developed within the working group for a standardised analysis of renal data.

Access to the platform : https://parenchima-cost.quibim.com/login/#/ (for accessing the platform please contact the working group leads)

A tutorial (web meeting) on using the platform can be found here.

A template agreement to solve IP issues and data sharing policies between the participating site and Quibim can be found here.

Like to participate in providing renal MRI study data ?

Please contact the working group leads. 

Questions & Answers (in preperation)

Were will my data be stored ?

How to access the platform ?

What kind of data can I submit ?

What about IP and data sharing policies ?