[CLOSED] Database

This PARENCHIMA task force is closed. 

The aim was to set up a platform for sharing reference renal MRI datasets that can be used for benchmarking and testing new methods and applications.  The platform would host study data spanning all recent imaging modalities in renal MRI, including but not limited to perfusion imaging (ASL, DCE-MRI), diffusion imaging, BOLD or relaxation measurements. 

A platform was setup through QUIBIM.com ( https://parenchima-cost.quibim.com/login/#/) and task force members were trained in data upload and management (see an online tutorial here). Beside the data hosting this platform also allows integrated data analysis which makes it highly interesting for integrating algorithms for a standardized analysis of renal data. A template data agreement was set up and made a available as a basis for agreements between QUIBIM and data owners (here). A single dataset was uploaded (Submitted by University of Bergen) as a test case.

In february 2021 the task force was closed due to limited uptake of the proposed data sharing model. It is expected that data sharing through open-source platforms such as Zenodo.org or osf.io is more sustainable in the long run.