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The UK Kidney Analysis Toolbox (UKAT): A framework for harmonized quantitative renal MRI analysis.


Multicentre validation studies are key to the clinical translation of renal MRI and as such, the development of harmonised, cross vendor protocols is crucial.  To process data acquired from these protocols, the UK Renal Imaging Network Kidney Analysis Toolbox (UKAT) has been developed. This open-source, vendor agnostic and easy to use Python package can be used for image registration, field mapping, relaxometry and diffusion mapping.  UKATs combination of robust software, documented methodological decisions and easy to follow tutorials means we envisage this as a useful tool for the renal and abdominal imaging community.


The UKAT software is available for download here


Please see here for a preprint of an abstract on UKAT presented at ISMRM 2021.

The UKAT software is produced by the UKRIN-MAPS project, a UK-wide partnership project funded by the Medical Research Council.

The UKRIN-MAPS project is an initiative of the UK Renal Imaging Network

Kidney Segmentation in MRI

To illustrate the properties of kidney MR images, as well as the operation and performance of selected methods for their segmentation, numerical examples were presented in Section III of the review paper [1]. The packages below offer an open access implementation of these examples, distributed as supplementary material with the paper via Code Ocean online executable platform or Github

[1] Kidney Segmentation in Renal Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Current Status and Prospects. Zöllner FG, Kociński M, Hansen L, Golla AK, Trbalić AŠ, Lundervold A, Materka A, Rogelj P. IEEE Access. 2021 May; 9:71577-71605. DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2021.3078430

Posted on May 6, 2021 10:41