Talks on renal MRI

Six presentations form the PARENCHIMA collaboration session during the virtual ESMRMB meeting 2020

Watch the recordings here:


  • Marcos Wolf: Introduction on PARENCHIMA ( An Open And Growing Network Of Renal Imaging Scientists, Physiologists, Nephrologists And Pathologists To Tackle The Global Burden Of Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Menno Pruijm:  Renal physiology in a nutshell: How do kidneys work and what causes kidney damage? 
  • Iris Friedli:  Repeatability and Sensitivity of MRI Biomarkers of CKD, relation to GFR and UACR 
  • Menno Pruijm:  BOLD-MRI: A breath of fresh air in the study of kidney diseases. 
  • Cyril Moers:  Pre-transplant kidney assessment 2.0 - Are we ready? 
  • Douglas Pendse:  Translating functional renal MRI into clinical practice - a historical evolution 
Posted on January 24, 2021 22:12