Call for papers: MAGMA Special Issue

Dear community, 

we are pleased to announce the upcoming special issue in the journal MAGMA:
"Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomarkers of Renal Disease". 

In this context we are calling for your scientific papers on renal MRI, and ask you to submit your manuscripts as soon as possible, but not later than the official deadline (July 1, 2019).
Please indicate your contribution to this special issue in the cover letter: "For inclusion in the Special Issue on Renal MRI". Further details can be depicted here

This special issue is an initiative of Taskforce 1.2 Technical Recommendations on Clinical Renal MRI, and will also serve as a vehicle for the dissemination of the envisioned technical consensus papers under development. 

If you have any questions, or if you want to join our efforts, do not hesitate to contact the associated working group leads or task force leads.
We are looking forward to your submissions!

Posted on November 9, 2018 13:49