2020.02.07 Newsletter


Dear renalMRI - PARENCHIMA Team! 

we are pleased to inform you about the following news

Table of contents 

  1. Important Update: Plenary Meeting in Malta
  2. Presentations from the 3rd International Renal Imaging Meeting Online
  3. Privacy Notice 
  4. Acknowledgement

  1. Save the day for the Plenary Meeting in Malta - Oct 15-16

We are very happy to inform you that our next annual plenary meeting will be held in Malta on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th of October 2020. Save the day!
As always, you find more details on our homepage on the associated Action page: https://renalmri.org/action/28

  1. Presentations from the 3rd International Renal Imaging Meeting Online

This is a kind reminder that you can find most presentations from the Nottingham meeting online. The link is provided here https://renalmri.org/action/16; or via direct access here: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/research/groups/spmic/research/uk-renal-imaging-network/3rd-renal-symposium/

  1. Privacy Notice

Kind reminder, if you have not done so until now, please sign and send a copy of the privacy notice to privacy@renalmri.org (see also  https://renalmri.org/workgroup/5).

  1. Acknowledgement

This newsletter is based upon work from COST Action PARENCHIMA (CA16103), supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). 

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks. Our Actions help connect research initiatives across Europe and enable scientists to grow their ideas by sharing them with their peers. This boosts their research, career and innovation. www.cost.eu 

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Posted on February 7, 2020 12:16