Bergamo, Italy - Jul 13-14, 2017
Meeting notes

Kick-Off Meeting (closed)


Definition of upcoming Actions and coordination with other working groups. In addition, this kick-off meeting provides the opportunity to this open network of researchers and stakeholders to synchronize and merge their efforts in clinical applications of renal MRI biomarkers. 


Anna Caroli; Anita Harteveld; Jaap Joles; Iosif Mendichovsky; Cyril Moers; Carlos Nicolau; Agogho Odudu; Aaron Oliver-Taylor (Gold Standard Phantoms); DougPendse;Andrea Remuzzi;Nick Selby; Paul Summers; Stravros Tsantis; Jean-Paul Vallee; Marcos Wolf; Paolo Brambilla; Antonio Barletta; Giuseppe Remuzzi.


The agenda can be viewed here.


The detailed minutes of the meeting can be viewed here.