Prague, Czech Republic - Sep. 09, 2017
Meeting notes

WG2: Kick-Off Meeting (closed)


Angel Bayarri, Susmita Basak, Barbara Geist, Antonio Pinheiro, Andrej Materka, Georgious Menikou, Peter Rogelj, Martin Samal, Richard Janks, Frank Zöllner



Arrival + Dinner in the evening for those interested


09.00    Welcome & Introduction to WG 2 (Frank & Peter)

09.15    Tour de Table

09.30    Coffee break

09.45    Report on other WG Meetings (Frank)

10.00    Brainstorming on how to reach 1st year WG goals                      

11.30    Preparing WG meeting in October, Berlin Conference -> interaction with WG1 / WG3

12.30    Lunch break

13.30    Visit Center for advanced preclinical imaging

14.00    Beyond the 1st year, future meetings, grant applications, publications

14.30    Coffee break

14.45    Summary and final conclusions

15.00    Adjournment


The detailed minutes of the meeting can be viewed here