MDC.C - Max Delbrück Communications Center, Berlin, Germany - Oct 11-13, 2017
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2nd International Renal Imaging Meeting (closed)


This meeting follows up on the 1st international renal imaging meeting in Bordeaux (oct 2015). It is designed to bring together scientists and clinicians from several disciplines, in a unique attempt to shape the future of renal functional imaging. It provided an overview of cutting edge clinical and pre-clinical renal imaging techniques, and explored the clinical relevance of renal imaging, the future directions of renal functional MR, and the harmonization of these approaches with clinical applications.


The meeting was organised by PARENCHIMA in collaboration with 

  • MDC Max Delbrück Center For Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association, 
  • PTB Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Braunschweig und Berlin, 
  • Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin,  

Local organizers

  • Andreas Pohlmann (MDC) 
  • Erdmann Seeliger (Charité) 
  • Dirk Grosenick (PTB)
  • Sonia Waiczies (MDC) 
  • Kathleen Cantow (Charité) 
  • Pontus Persson (Charité) 
  • Thoralf Niendorf (MDC)

Meeting archives

The meeting attracted 150 registered participants, including 45 invited speakers and 34 posters presenters.
A program book including scientific abstracts can be downloaded here (pdf, 8.73MB)
For more details see the meeting archives at

Working group meetings

The 5 working groups had parallel WG meetings with an aim to follow-up on actions identified in the kick-off meetings and plan next steps.

  • WG1 meeting minutes: click   here (pdf)
  • WG2 meeting minutes: click   here (pdf)
  • WG3 meeting minutes: 
    • Task force position paper: click   here (pdf)
    • Task forces review papers: click   here (pdf)
  • WG4 meeting minutes: none provided
  • WG5 meeting minutes: click   here (pdf)