Utrecht Medical Centre, Auditorium - Apr 23, 2018

Clinical studies strategy meeting (closed)


Develop a coordinated strategy to attract the necessary funding to implement the clinical studies and research priorities as outlined in the position paper by Selby et al. (submitted to the PARENCHIMA special issue in NDT before May 2018).

Organising committee 

Anna Caroli, Nicholas Selby, Steven Sourbron,Tim Leiner, Peter Blankestijn.


Peter Blankestijn, Clemens Bos, Anna Caroli, Christian Combe, Anneloes de Boer, Sophie De Seigneux, Kai- Uwe Eckardt, Nuria Garcia Fernandez, Anita Harteveld, Paul Hockings, Nicolas Grenier, Matthias Günther (ESMRMB), Jaap Joles, Philip Kalra, Tim Leiner, Per Liss, Patrick Mark, Iosif Mendichovszky, Michael Nation (KRUK), Aghogho Odudu, Aaron Oliver-Taylor, Alberto Ortiz, Doug Pendsè, Norberto Perico, Menno Pruijm, Arjen Rienks (DKF), Nicholas Selby, Roslyn Simms, Janka Slatinska,Steven Sourbron, Maarten Taal,Harriet Thoeny, Jean-Paul Vallee, Marcos Wolf. 

Countries represented

The Netherlands, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany.


The minutes of the meeting can be found here.


[8.15 - 8.30] Coffee and Welcome
[8.30 - 9.00] Introductions

  • Adoption of agenda
  • Tour de table
  • In remembrance of Jarle Rørvik (Steven Sourbron)

[9.00 - 09.20] PARENCHIMA WG3 - where we are now and what we aim to do.

  • Meeting aims and expected outcomes (Anna Caroli) (Slides)
  • Position paper results and suggested strategy (Nicholas Selby) (Slides)

[9.20 - 10.30] Session 1: Ongoing renal initiatives – any room for renal MRI? (chair: Phil Kalra)

  • The German CKD study (Kai-Uwe Eckardt) (Slides)
  • The NURTuRE study (Maarten Taal) (Slides)
  • CKD-REIN and CKDoops (Christian Combe) (Slides)
  • The UK renal imaging network (Nicholas Selby) (Slides)
  • The iBEAT study in BEAt-DKD (Steven Sourbron) (Slides)
  • EIBALL (Nandita deSouza, remotely)
  • Plenary discussion

[10.30 - 11.00] Coffee break

[11.00 - 12.30] Session 2: Potential support for collaborative renal MRI research (chair: Tim Leiner)

  • EU calls: funding possibilities for clinical trials (Caterina Buonocore, remotely) (Slides)
  • ERA-EDTA (Peter Blankestijn) (Slides)
  • ESMRMB (Matthias Gunther) (Slides)
  • National calls in support of COST action participation: the Swiss case (Jean-Paul Vallee) (Slides)
  • The Dutch Kidney Foundation (Arjen Rienks) (Slides)
  • Kidney research UK (Michael Nation) (Slides)
  • Looking beyond Europe: the NIDDK renal imaging workshop (Anna Caroli) (Slides)
  • Plenary discussion

[12.30 - 13.00] Session 3: Renal MRI biomarkers: the way to go (chair: Marcos Wolf)

  • FDA biomarker qualification program (Paul Hockings) (Slides)
  • TKV in ADPKD as model for biomarker qualification (Roslyn Simms) (Slides)
  • Plenary discussion

[13.00 - 14.00] Light lunch

[14.00 - 14.30] WG3 roadmap definition - clinical areas, study scale and design, funding strategy (chair: Patrick Mark)

  • Plenary discussion

[14.30 - 16.00] Small group sessions (specific clinical and practical planning for grants)

  • Group 1: Site implementation
  • Group 2: Adding MRI to existing renal initiatives
  • Group 3: Planning new research studies
  • Group 4: Collaborative research studies

[16.00 - 16.30] Plenary session (group session report, definition of actions)

16.30 Adjourn